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Lux Fit Studio is the perfect place to have a great workout without the distractions that often comes with a commercial gym setting.



We are fully equipped with the most functional training systems that can provide the best and safest exercises to hit every single body part and will allow you to reach any fitness and health goal. Lux Fit is a boutique studio, with a private setting – This is convenient for individuals who enjoy one-on-one training, prefer small group workouts or find working out in large commercial gyms to be intimidating.

Our fitness programs emphasize on the use of free weights, band training and bodyweight calisthenics to increase not only progression, but functional strength as well. We emphasize the importance of nutrition, and all of our personal training packages include a diet analysis and comprehensive meal plan with consideration of the individuals’ lifestyle.

Personal Training Programs

At Lux Fit, we strive to provide the best possible service. We keep our standards high and maintain professionalism. We always keep a close watch on clients’ goals, making sure progress is being tracked and results are seen. You have our undivided attention, always. Lux Fit delivers personal training services to individuals that are looking to achieve any fitness goal. 

Whether it is injury rehabilitation, weight loss, general fitness, increasing lean muscle, or improving athletic performance to get better at a sport, we cater to all the above. We have the experience and the confidence that we’ll address and meet your specific goals. 

We’ll create an individualized fitness portfolio which includes a periodized exercise program, macronutrient ratio chart, and nutritional guide with a food substitution list. This portfolio can help keep you accountable- by tracking your progress weekly it will help you stay motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

Whenever a new phase or a dietary change occurs during your program, you can add the new additions into your personal portfolio, creating a diverse and complete fitness program for future reference.

Specific Exercise Prescription and Lifestyle Consulting

We’ll discuss goals and develop a program based on your abilities and limitations. A detailed assessment will be completed to analyze movement quality and physical strengths. This will allow us to create programs that are specific to your goals and abilities. With Lux Fit you will go through a standardized fitness assessment, periodized training program and reassessment to determine progress and establish future goals.

Each individual is different and needs to take different steps in order to reach their own goals. Often times losing weight and reaching your goals is more than just showing up to your workout. An important component to seeing results and being consistent with your workouts and diet plan is grasping and understanding the components that make up your lifestyle. There are lifestyle variables that need to be addressed in order to improve overall health and get you to see results faster such as quality of sleep, digestion, energy levels, nutrition, stress and body composition.

Lifestyle Consulting is an important aspect for individuals seeking to have a healthier and well-balanced lifestyle that will improve their performance in daily activities.

Active Rehabilitation

Kinesiologists are becoming increasingly popular within the fitness and health industry as we’re learning more each day about the benefits of exercise and how it can improve our lives, the study of kinesiology is how the body moves and understanding the factors which limit and enhance our ability to move.

When we have a better understanding of how the body works we can perform daily activities with less pain and discomfort, recover faster from injuries and also improve our work and athletic performance.

Sports Specific Training

Are you an avid athlete? Whether you play basketball, soccer, football, wrestling, hockey etc. we can assist you in improving your skills and performance. We prescribe training programs for athletes that are looking to improve specific sport skills, increase their endurance or just become a more well-rounded athlete.

We have post-secondary education in exercise science and have proficient skills and knowledge in creating sports specific programs to allow individuals to express their athletic qualities at their highest level.

With these programs we’ve helped a vast number of clients including:


  • Bodybuilding/Bikini competitions
  • Long term weight loss
  • Specialized/ Restrictive Meal Planning including vegan, vegetarian and keto plans.
  • Kids sports performance including soccer and hockey
  • Back pain relief and building a better posture
  • Bridal bootcamps and wedding photoshoot preparation
  • Pre and postnatal training – check out more information on our Fit Pregnancy Page

Personal Training Options

In Studio Training
12 sessions $90/hour

24 sessions $85/hour

36 sessions $80/hour

In-Home Training


What's Included

  • Fitness Assessment and Body Composition
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Personal Training Sessions (Each session is one hour)
  • Meal Plan with Food Substitutes
  • Supplement Recommendations

If you'd like to visit the studio or make an appointment for an in-home consultation please

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