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Lois Thompson

I met Claudia in October 2013.  At that time I has lost interest in having a personal trainer especially I had one before and had seen no results. When I started I never had a goal in mind except becoming fit and staying fit. Amazingly after 6 weeks with her, I noticed that I toned tremendously… I truly started to get excited, started eating well and I thought I have to find a goal to motivate myself. While thinking about that goal I started having definition in my arms, lose weight in my legs and back and I thought … Bikini!! My goal was now to wear any bikini at the end of June 2014 and show off… I then decided to do personalized sessions with her and after another 6 weeks, I was starting to show off at home. By then we were in April 2014.

I bought myself some clothes on sale for next winter and I was so excited. Meeting with Claudia every week – twice a week- is my ‘me’ time, I never get bored, she gives proper attention to form and listen to everything I have to say, complaints, huffing, puffing and finally ‘that was such a good workout!’ by the end of the hour.  I love being with her, she is wonderful. Her gentleness is such that you want to please her and therefore you end up having a great workout and see results. Since Spring of last year to last Christmas I went from large to medium size in clothing meaning that my last winter shopping was in vain – LOL. Claudia, thank you and keep up your work – we love you!