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Kristen Guscott competed in the OPA Natural Show in Barrie.

Check out her experiences and thoughts in this Q&A all things fitness and competing!

What inspired you to prepare for a bikini competition?

I was inspired to compete in a bikini competition because it was a goal that I had for years, after I was able to get over all of my health problems (it took 7 years) I was looking for something to help claim my body back. I felt the the competition was the best way to do that.

What were some of your struggles during contest preparation? / What was you low point or turning point?

I found keeping to the eating plan very difficult to maintain. And to eat the appropriate amount of food. It just seemed like so much! I guess my turning point was when I actually saw changes happening and knew that if I kept on the correct path that I would get the results I wanted.

What is your life like now that you’ve made a transformation?

I found especially right after the competition that I have/had so much more self confidence in myself! I felt like I could accomplish any goal set out before me! AND I felt sexy! Those feelings are still there just not as in such large amounts. I think that wanting to get that feeling back is part of why I want to do another competition – that and I’m a competitive person by nature.

What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

Wanting to do another competition and place higher makes me trainer harder and push myself to keep going.

What is your next goal? Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I have a few fitness goals right now. Namely I’d like to compete again and medal this time and I’d like to compete in MMA in the next year as well.

What is your current training philosophy?

My current training philosophy is that you don’t have to lift heavy as long as you are activating the muscles to a full contraction. You need to know what exercises you are doing to which muscles groups and only focus on the action (contraction) there. Don’t let other muscles help or over compensate.

What are your favorite exercises?

My favourite exercises are the dead lift, the abduction machine and the hamstring curl.

What was the most challenging thing you found about your competition diet?

Eating as often as I had to Oh, and cooking for the week ahead of time – I’m not a fan of cooking but to eat as much as I had to I couldn’t afford to purchase my meals, the cost was exorbitant. 

What are your best 3 tips for someone looking to reach their goal physiques?

1. Never let anyone let you you can’t do something

2. Believe is yourself ALWAYS

3. Surround yourself with others who have similar goals or people who at least support yours.

Favorite quote?

Strong is beautiful Oh, and Wake the F**k Up! 

Favorite form of Cardio?