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What exercises are best to do during pregnancy?

Exercises that will improve core and joint stabilization, balance, breathing, pelvic floor awareness and functional movements that will help with posture – especially when the belly starts to grow bigger, a lot of weight will be placed on the front of the body leading to greater tension on the calves, back, and hips.

Exercises that are functional are essential to building up a new moms’ strength and confidence when preparing for the arrival of a baby.

Muscles that need to be strengthened include: Pelvic floor muscles, Glutes, Back and Shoulders.

Major Muscles that need to lengthened: Pectorals (chest), Quads, Calves, Neck, Lower back.

Functional Exercises can include: Squats, Overhead presses, Lunges, Glute Bridges, Kegels, Push-ups, Farmers walk, and Step ups

Other activities that are beneficial and safe during pregnancy include:

Walking, Swimming, and Yoga

Activities that should be avoided: Contact sports

Anything with a high risk of falling – like skiing, horseback riding, or cycling and Hot Yoga.

Having a fitness plan set in place during each trimester makes the journey a lot easier and will enhance your self-esteem and confidence in knowing you’re doing the right things to keep your health in check and making sure you’re not at risk for injuries.

Personal Training Options

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What's Included

  • Fitness Assessment and Body Composition
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Personal Training Sessions (Each session is one hour)
  • Meal Plan with Food Substitutes
  • Supplement Recommendations

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