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Fit To Shredded Program

Individualized Workout Plan

We’ll create a plan specific to your goals and also one that compliments your meal plan! We’ll recommend split days (a realistic workout schedule you can commit to every week) that includes all exercises, sets, reps, rest time, tempo, cardio and flexibility.

Individualized Meal Plan

We’ll suggest the right macronutrients (your daily intake of fat, carbs and proteins) and also the calories you need to get to the goal you want but you can be as flexible as you want with choosing what foods to eat, as long as you’re within your macro and caloric budget for the day!

Food Substitution List

With the meal plan provided you can sub in foods you enjoy more but with the appropriate serving sizes! A meal plan is easier to follow long term when it isn’t so rigid and boring! We don’t eat the same things everyday, why should you!? We will also consider food intolerance and any allergies or dietary restrictions (vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, paleo).

Supplement Recommendations

Based off an analysis of your  lifestyle and diet we may suggest including some supplements to help with increasing your energy, accelerate weight loss and assist with building lean muscle!

 12 week program

Cost: $540

Personal Training Options

In Studio Training
12 sessions $90/hour

24 sessions $85/hour

36 sessions $80/hour

In-Home Training


What's Included

  • Fitness Assessment and Body Composition
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Personal Training Sessions (Each session is one hour)
  • Meal Plan with Food Substitutes
  • Supplement Recommendations

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