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Everyone can compete in a fitness show, it just might be the next challenge you’re looking for especially if you have a competitive edge or you have the drive to step up your physique to the next level.


Meeting a Deadline

No More Procrastinating! Once you set a deadline and register for a show, it’s like making an official commitment to reach that goal by a certain time! No more putting off deadlines for various “reasons” (they’re just excuses of course)…

Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits

If you think you’ve plateaued in your current workouts, setting yourself up with a competition workout will help push past those plateaus. You’ll try exercises, and machines you’ve never used before, sets, reps and PR’s you haven’t hit before.

After joining a fitness competition most people see a reduction in body fat in that stubborn area where they could never be able to tighten!

Building Better Habits and Discipline

  • Preparing, packaging, measuring meals and scheduling meals every 3-4 hours.

  • Working out 6-7 days a week even if it means sacrificing extra sleep to wake up before work to get it done.

  • Taking vitamins and supplements daily to enhance your energy and workout performance. 

  • Working out consistently even on the days you aren't really feeling it.

  • Saying no to a slice of cake because (can be a challenging one, but so rewarding when you do, believe us!)

You'll create a greater work ethic, develop more will power and discipline that will carry over in another areas in your life, like starting up a new business.

Learn to be more Creative with Home Cooking

To us clean eating doesn’t mean eating dry, boring chicken breast and unflavored meals. If you enjoy cooking you’ll find innovative ways to make your  food taste flavorful and learn to use new herbs and spices for savory dishes, even healthy recipes for pancakes!

That’s right, you don’t have to be stuck eating egg whites for breakfast for 12 weeks, and you’ll even find these healthy habits should stick with you even when you’re not competing!


Sure it sounds nerve racking to step on stage in just a bathing suit and be judged on your physique! But you’re not alone and you’ll meet like minded people along the way and on the day of the show.

Many share the same fears as you and have had the same doubts. The closer you get to show day, especially after you keep smashing your goals, the greater your confidence builds…even more so after you’ve accomplished your first show!


  • Weekly Weigh-in’s

  • Posing Practices 

  • Team Meetings 

  • Being seen in the gym where people know you’re training for a show 

  • Having a friend train with you in the same show 

All these points contribute to holding you accountable at reaching your goals and staying focused on doing your best!

Fun Photo Shoots

You pushed your body past it’s limits and reached all your weight loss and fitness goals. You’re at your best physique yet and photo shoots are the best way to show case all that effort!


Fitness Competition Preparation Program

Comprehensive Exercise Program


Resistance Training Workout Routine

Cardio Routine

Flexibility Routine

Program Revisions (bi-weekly or monthly)

Comprehensive Nutrition Program


Nutrition Plan

Specific Macros

Food Substitutions

Tips for eating out and on the go

Supplement Reccommendations

Program Revisions (bi-weekly or montly)

Unlimited Consultations

To maximize progress and ensure your prep is going smooth Lux Fit offers in-depth consultations, via email or in studio to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered and make any revisions to the program.

Tracking Progress


Bi -weekly email check-in includes update on weight and progress pictures

Changes that need to be made to the exercise program

Changes that need to be made to the nutrition program

Direct Competition Guidance

We will give you guidance and recommendations on:

Contest Date and Location


Outfit (including swim suit, heels, and jewelry)

Final week to show

Posing and Stage Preparaton – Bring your best package to the competition. Stage presence is just as important as fine tuning your physique. We will teach you different poses to highlight your best features and show you how to bring out your personality on stage!



12 Week Program is individualized to your current fitness level and to your competition goal.

Whether it’s bikini, physique or bodybuilding- exercise and diet will be tailored to meet those goals and prepare you for your best stage presence.

Prepare yourself to be challenged in ways you have never experienced before, your desire for success will help you overcome many obstacles!

Personal Training Options

In Studio Training
12 sessions $90/hour

24 sessions $85/hour

36 sessions $80/hour

In-Home Training


What's Included

  • Fitness Assessment and Body Composition
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Personal Training Sessions (Each session is one hour)
  • Meal Plan with Food Substitutes
  • Supplement Recommendations

If you'd like to visit the studio or make an appointment for an in-home consultation please

email Info@LuxFit.ca

or call or text 647-294-4835