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Ready to hit the ground running this summer?

Here are our best tips to get you started on your running journey!

Ease Into It: Start with a mix of walking and running. Build up those intervals gradually to boost your stamina without overdoing it.

Set Mini Goals: Celebrate the small wins! Start by running for 1 minute, then walking for 2. Increase your running time as you build up endurance.

Warm-Up & Cool Down: Prep your body with dynamic stretches and a brisk walk before you start. Don’t forget to cool down with some stretches to keep your muscles happy.

Footwear is Key: Invest in a quality pair of running shoes. We recommend going to a specialty store for a fitting to get the best support and cushioning for your feet.

Listen to Your Body: Don’t ignore discomfort or pain. Rest and recover when you feel you really need it. Get professional advice if the pain persists.

Hydrate & Fuel Up: Keep hydrated before and after your run. A light snack, like a shake made with banana, water and whey protein powder 30 minutes before running can help give you the energy you need and prevent muscle breakdown.

Perfect Your Form: Run tall with relaxed shoulders and natural arm swings. Avoid slouching to prevent injuries.

Track Your Progress: Use a running app or follow a plan to stay on track and motivated.

Join a Community: Find a running group or connect with an online community for support and accountability.

Consistency is Key: Stick to regular runs but don’t forget to rest. Recovery days are just as important!e

Add Resistance Training: It’s a game-changer for runners. Here’s why you need it in your routine:

  1. Injury Prevention: Strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments keep you running safely.
  2. Performance Boost: More power and speed with every stride.
  3. Endurance: Go the distance without burning out.
  4. Balanced Muscles: Prevent imbalances and overuse injuries.
  5. Better Form: Improved posture and running efficiency.
  6. Metabolic Kick: Burn more calories even at rest.

Doing exercises that strengthen your whole body will make you feel stronger, give you more speed and allow you to run to for a longer distance without burning out.