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Picking the right foods can really simplify a weight loss journey especially if you’re not a fan of calorie counting. I’ve always suggested that people who have weight loss goals start their program tracking their portions and calories because it creates awareness of the number of calories consumed during the day and helps people understand exactly how many calories a certain food or snack contains.

It helps us become more mindful of our portion sizes and understand how quickly calories can add up by some of the food choices we make.

We’ve noticed for ourselves and for a lot of our clients who have changed their diets, choosing to eat certain foods throughout the day have really helped them to lose weight without even tracking their caloric intake.

So which foods are these?

Foods high in protein and fiber 🔥

Eating these foods requires more energy for our body to process and be used.
So that means we’re burning more calories just by eating them.

Not only are we burning more calories by simply just including these foods in our diet but choosing foods higher in fiber and protein keeps us fuller for longer, more satiated, so we end up craving less food throughout the day.

Our go to choices for foods high in protein ⬇️
Chicken breast
Greek yogurt
Whey Protein Powder

Our go to choices for foods high in fiber⬇️
Peas and Broccoli
Whole wheat bread
Bran flakes