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As a business owner and mom with a busy schedule I understand the challenges that come with getting movement throughout the day so I’ve put together some easy tips to help stay on track of fitness goals:

1. Take the stairs whenever you can.
2. Walk to the furthest bathroom in the building or house.
3. Go for a walk during your lunch break.
4. Keep healthy low calorie snacks on hand all the time.
5. Stand up and walk around during a phone call.
6. Set a reminder or alarm to move every hour, something like getting up out of your chair and grabbing a glass of water.

This is my post partum progress from Oct 12 to now. Since Sophia was born my main priorities have been sleep, hydration, nutrition, and building up strength slowly. Aside from doing kegels, TA exercises and stretches, I have started incorporating core exercises like side planks, vacuums, planks, and bridges.