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On October 2nd Andy and I fell in love with our baby girl, Sophia! She’s so perfect in every way, we’re still pinching ourselves! Can’t believe she’ll actually be calling me mommy one day.
She’s also so amazingly strong for such a tiny little girl.

We planned a routine for her arrival and established our roles in this new adventure of ours, both of us have always worked as a team since day 1.

We felt ready and anticipating her arrival and given the amount of helpful information heard from friends and family, the best info given was that every baby is different and every parent will find what works best for them and their babies.

So we’ve been taking it day by day, constantly learning and allowing each other to take the rest and recovery needed.

As with my training. It’s been 2 weeks since delivery and as eager as I am to get back to hitting the weights hard again, I’ve been listening to my body and prioritizing sleep, nutrition and hydration. I was 150lbs going into laborĀ and dropped about 9lbs after Sophia was born, she weighed 8lbs 1oz.

After delivery my hands and feet were still swollen and I experienced a lot of water retention. It took me about a week and a half to see a significant drop in the amount of water I was holding.

I’m currently 123 lbs and have started to strengthen back up my TA (deep abdominal muscles), pelvic core (especially kegels) and have started walking uphill on the treadmill. Mobility has also become a priority since basic movements became challenging and restrictive during my third trimester.

My goal is to continue with these exercises until I’m about 6 weeks post partum and hopefully start to add in some resistance training, although my little girl Sophia has me feeling like I’m holding a oversized dumbbell all day long loltongue-out