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It’s amazing that no matter what season we’re in and what our goals are at the time there is always a nutrition and workout path we can take! Having a program in place helps keeps consistency in reaching those goals.

We’re about “9 weeks out” from having a new addition in our family and we’ve already starting brainstorming how our workouts will progress! Especially for me these past couple weeks have been challenging as my belly continues to grow and have had to switch my focus a lot on restorative movement and mobility, walking has also been amazing therapy and cardio.

Sometimes finding a program that works for your lifestyle can be challenging but that’s just the key, making it suit your lifestyle. If something works, make it work forever.

We hear some people say they need to get back on a diet that “worked” once but if it “worked”, then they shouldn’t have to go back on it again.

We believe in creating sustainable diets, or better yet, lifestyle changes so that the changes you make become part of your life, and are able to maintain the results for many years to come, especially around all the holidays and events that happen throughout our lives.