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In our last holiday newsletter I brought up the Idea of trying new exercises or workouts. Maybe you’ve been training a certain way for a couple years and you’re curious about what other types of activities might pique your interest or you need a fresh new challenging workout to jumpstart your weight loss motivation again. I emphasized the idea that we should try new ways of exercising, it might spark a new hobby or workout challenge – we never knew would be this enjoyable.

We have a couple of our Lux Fit team members who fell in love with our strength training programs after joining various bootcamp classes and running groups.

Before many of our clients join they often ask what’s to be expected during their workouts or what type of exercises will be consistent during their sessions.

With everyone having different goals and fitness levels, we program the workouts to cater those specific needs.

Our speciality is bodybuilding and strength training and when it comes to weight loss, building muscle or burning fat we believe including strength training benefits all of those goals and the number of other perks are endless.

During a session we typically start with a warm up that might include some dynamic stretches to improve mobility and enhance muscle activation so that when you’re doing an exercise you can really focus and become aware of the muscles being worked during that time.

The rest of the program includes weight training with the use of dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls and other accessories to help improve strength, endurance, core strength, balance and building lean muscle. To wrap up the session we’ll include a cool down that might emphasize on certain stretches to help with recovery.

Others might prefer and choose high intensity interval training over weights or a combination of both (which is our favorite).