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Metabolism Matters in Weight Loss

Does our metabolism really slow down as we age?

We’ve heard some interesting stories and quotes from people about how weight gain becomes inevitable after we hit a certain age.

But for the majority it seems that a change in lifestyle affects our metabolism and causes most of our weight gain.

What usually affects the speed of our metabolism?

Resting Metabolic Rate:
How many calories we burn while we rest.

Thermic effect of food:
How many calories we burn when we eat, through digestion.

How many calories we burn when we workout.

Non- Exercise Activity Thermogenesis:
How many calories we burn through daily activities like cleaning the house or fidgeting.

Knowing these things give us the biggest clues on how to rev up our metabolism and burn body fat!

As we age our muscle mass decreases so weight training regularly – even a workout once per week – can help strengthen and build muscle and in turn boost our metabolic rate.
Having a higher muscle mass allows us to burn more calories at rest even if we’re not working out and just sitting! That’s a big bonus.

Foods like chicken breast and oats digest slowly after we eat them, which is so great if you’re trying to boost your metabolism- not only will including them into your diet keep you fuller longer but just by eating these foods, you’ll increase the number of calories you burn.

I know what you’re thinking, how will you make those foods tasty?!

Finding foods that are healthy and tasty can be challenging and it’s all about finding something that you can stick to long term.
Consistency will pay off with results.
Check out some of the recipes we have on our website!