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Having a fitness plan to follow provides structure and goals as well as prevents under or overtraining.
Check out our points below.
Why not have everything laid out for you and have the guessing work taken out of: how many reps to do, how many workouts a week, what exercises/videos are the most effective for your goals, etc.. there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wasting time doing something. Many are just following random workout videos online because they promote something attractive but might not actually be the most suitable for their fitness goals.
Having a workout plan provides you with structure so that you aren’t wondering what to do next or reverting back to just using cardio equipment.
Completing a workout program gives a sense of accomplishment and commitment to something, also something to be checking off your weekly “to do’  list, especially if you’re a goal setter. Whether its a 4 or 12 week program, its also the way to know if a plan is working for you, to give it consistency and have patience with it.
Another super important reason for having a solid workout program is that it will also prevent under or over training. Let’s say you’re just trying to piece together different exercises with the equipment that you have at home or randomly selecting a 15 min cardio video to try. You could be training the same body part on days too close together or possibly not enough throughout the week.
Following a workout plan and similar exercises allows you to see the progress you’re making with them, and this one of my fav reasons when following a structured program.
Here’s a great example: Day 1 you’re struggling to do 6 pushups, but by Day 30 you’re able to accomplish 10 and 6 of them feel easy!
Our workout plans provide you with all the details you’d need from a workout program with suggested workout videos and stretches especially if gym equipment is limited. We also include meals and snack options based on your health related goals.