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1. Plan your workouts– be proactive and set aside dedicated time to workout rather than leaving your schedule up to chance. If you know for sure you can’t exercise for a couple days, use those days as a recovery and rest from the gym, and then really up the intensity on the workouts surrounding those busy days. If work and family events get busier, schedule out your weeks of workouts around those events.
2. Prioritize a workout first thing in the morning– especially if work and family commitments increase during the day.
3. Friend or Coach– Share your goals with someone else to help you stay accountable or get a workout partner or personal trainer. You’ll be more likely to stay on track when you have someone to report to.
4. Don’t skip out if your “time is limited”– so you planned a 45 min workout on Wednesday morning but something came up and now all you have time for is 20 min. You can start the workout and see how much you can get done in 20 min or up the intensity by just doing a hiit workout with the time you have.

Try this HIIT bodyweight workout:
>60 seconds skipping
>10 burpees
>60 mountain climbers
>10 supermans
>60 skaters
>10 pushups
Challenge yourself and see how many rounds of this circuit you can get though in 20 minutes!

5. Get your family involved – walking outside with your family or friends is a great way to get everyone moving while still sharing moments together.