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We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving wknd even under the circumstances we were given ❤
We were so thankful for the beautiful weather, the abundance of food (some healthy, some not so healthy lol) and of course the opportunity to spent time with our beautiful family.

After Thanksgiving many of us forget about one of the best side dishes that compliments turkey meat: cranberry sauce!

Cranberries have about 5g of fiber per cup, high % of vitamin C and antioxidants and act as a natural diuretic so there are so many benefits to this fruit aside from it being such tasty side dish.

✔immunity boosting
✔prevents UTI’s
✔improves digestion
✔relieves water retention
✔increased satiety
✔helps with weight loss

When paired with turkey, potatoes and veggies, it’s a super filling and healthy meal that’ll keep us healthy and satiated for a long time.