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Have you ever tried to do a jump squat or burpee and felt an urgency to pee or have even peed yourself a little?

Did you know you can prevent that from happening just by strengthening your pelvic floor!

Most women experience bladder leaks especially after pregnancy and research says 20% of women actually stop working out because their leaks are happening so often it makes working out really uncomfortable. Some women may even experience this urgency when they cough or sneeze.

We’ve helped many women unpause their active lifestyle and got them back to training the way they used to, bringing them back even stronger and healthier than before they had their baby.

For many reasons It’s so important for women to workout before and during pregnancy, my top being women will recover faster after delivery, have increased strength and energy to take care of their new born baby and women will definitely experience better bladder control.

Not only are kegels so important to add to a training routine, but its also just as important to strengthen the whole core including hips, thighs & glutes. They all play a part in maintaining proper alignment and a strong pelvic core.

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