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So you haven’t had a bite of pizza, glass of wine or even a single cookie in what seems like forever, and still… the scale doesn’t seem to budge? There could be a few explanations to this:

You’re not sleeping enough – being sleep deprived can make us feel hungrier and increase our appetite because of the hormone Ghrelin. It increases in your body when we’re tired and “encourages” us to eat and drink more for energy. 

The condiments in your diet are adding up and creating a caloric surplus – Our condiments may have more calories than we think, even our meal consists of just chicken and broccoli. If you’re adding on a couple tbsps of bbq sauce and oil to cook your meal with, the calories will add up causing you to be in a surplus. Find other options for sauces like sriracha and sugar free tomato sauce or try added more flavor with the use of different herbs and spices like garlic, oregano and basil.

You’re eating too much healthy food – making healthier food choices will give you more energy, make you fuller for longer and give you nutrients to make you feel your best, but if you’re not considering portion sizes, calories can add up and you may be in a surplus at the end of the day. Nuts and Granola are so healthy and will give you lots of energy but some are really dense in calories so its best to eat these foods in moderation.