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Making reaching goals easier for yourself and more inspiring for others too! These next couple tips will help you to get your spouse/friend/ or significant other to go through a health challenge or fitness journey with you!

Many of us have families or other people to take care besides ourselves…kids, husbands, wives, parents…and we can’t just force them to change their lifestyle, get them to eat the same way as us, or workout at the same time or do the same exercises…
but we can lead by example and inspire them by letting them know all the positive changes we’ve been experiencing since making these changes to our lifestyle. Not only will they hear all the benefits you have to say but they will eventually see those benefits as well.

Start by making small changes:
If you’re currently going to the gym 5 days a week and your significant other committed to join the gym as well, suggest they start going 2-3 times a week.. having them start at the intensity you’re going at may intimidate them and discourage them from continuing at all, making them think they need to do an all or nothing approach to getting fit – which isn’t the best approach!

Also the worst thing you can do is clean out the whole pantry and fridge and throw away their favorite foods and drinks… they might find a way to eat or drink behind your back and even lie about it!

Suggest making a homemade version of their favorite foods, not only will it help cut out alot of calories but it will also help you save money and they will appreciate the thought of you cooking their favorite meals.

It’s okay not to make a big deal out of everything and announce that what you’re doing is healthier and better for the other person.
Andy and I make healthy treats all the time and give them to our families and friends and most people have noooo idea that we haven’t used any butter or sugar in the recipe or that chickpeas were used instead of flour and eggs lol.

Explaining how much this means to you to your significant other or friend is super important…. especially that you will continue your healthy living journey with or without them. Sharing your goals will help them see why you are doing this and help emphasize that its important to you so that they may join along or at least support you long term!