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Sandy’s Post-Baby Body Transformation and Motivation

1) How soon after you had your baby did you start working out again? 

I started working out 4 months after having my baby

2) Were you working out during your pregnancy?

Due to a lot of fatigue during my pregnancy I wasn’t able to workout, however I did go for walks and being a teacher I was constantly active and on my feet at work.

3) Was it hard to get motivated after having your baby? What was the most challenging part?

Yes! getting motivated was so hard, it took toll on me emotionally.  I used to workout a lot pre pregnancy and I remember losing 40 pounds and losing all the inches and feeling great and when I got pregnant I wanted to continue with working out but I just couldn’t due to fatigue, so that bothered me. Family, friends would constantly tell me that your body doesn’t go back and it’s hard to lose the weight and that “you have a baby now and you won’t have time,” so I just got lazy and didn’t bother and I think just “doing all the work again to lose the weight” brought me down, until one day I realized  that I want to be active and a good role model for my little one. I took baby steps, being a breastfeeding mom, I needed the supply to feed the baby. So I increased my water intake and just cut out snacking and just fulfilling meals 4 – 5 times a day (just keep my supply up) and started carrying the baby carrier and pretty much did all the chores around the house and I noticed that I started to drop weight and feel better! I started this fit mom journey in Nov 2019 and now have lost all the baby weight with some extra weight and have shed inches. It does take time but losing it slowly is what kept me motivated especially as a mom you need that energy! 

4) What are some go to meals that help keep you fueled and satisfied?

Being a vegetarian my go to meals that help to keep me satisfied are nuts, hard boiled eggs with a fruit/veggies, hummus and veggies, Greek yogurt and berries etc! I look at my meals and make sure that there is protein and good carbs and it works great! 

5) How many times a week do you workout,  including cardio?

I workout 4-5 times a week depending on how I feel and sometimes i’ll get in 6 days. 4-5 days I do weights followed by 25-30 mins of cardio( running, skipping rope etc) and than I do 1 day out of the week just 45 mins cardio. 

6) Why do you feel a personal trainer helped you reached your goals faster?

Having personal trainer like Lux Fit has been so beneficial! I find that having a PT keeps you accountable and encourages you to keep going! You learn to keep motivated and when you begin to see more changes it just becomes an addiction! Having someone on you and making sure you’re getting it done is awesome! The one thing that I found to be so encouraging and motivating is the the days that I have fallen off track a personal trainer is there to tell you it’s okay and to go hard the next day! Having a personal trainer has been great for motivation and keeps me going!