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Whenever we have a goal in mind, it doesn’t matter if it is a fitness goal or personal goal, staying on track is proven difficult. 

In the beginning, it is pretty easy, we all have the focus to stay on track because the beginning is the most fun. The brain storming and the initial step is exciting and everyone starts out hot. As time goes on, and day by day, the excitement subsides, and every step towards your vision becomes a tiresome grind, especially for some that have long term goals.

It’s about keeping the fire alive that matters the most. How do we keep the fire going? When the steps to reach your goal becomes a grind? 

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Don’t Listen to Others and Believe in Yourself

When you have a goal or a vision in mind, you have to stay focus on what it is. Never change it because of what others say about it. There will always be people criticizing or giving negativity to what you truly want for yourself. A great example is what I called the “Fitness Purgatory.” When I was younger, I always wanted to be lean above all for my body composition. I would go on a cutting phase, trying to reduce my body fat, and midway through, my friends would tell me I am getting too “small” and need to bulk up. I would then switch my initial plan and try to bulk up. This constant back and forth put me in a state of no progression; Fitness Purgatory. No progression resulted in extreme discouragement. When you have a plan, follow through all the way, that is the only way to know if it works. 

  • List the Reasons

What are the reasons for your goals? What made you act upon them? The reasons you have, make sure they are for you, that you are doing this for yourself and not anyone else. Make sure you know exactly why you are doing this because at times, when progression is slow and things start to feel more like a chore or a grind and you want to quit because it is getting too hard, you have to remember the feelings you had and what made you decide to start a journey towards reaching this goal. When you truly want something for yourself, finding motivation will become intrinsic.

  • Be Proactive and Stay Positive

Writing down how your goal will be accomplished everyday will motivate you to stay on track, and steer you in a positive direction. Making notes and writing down what steps you’re going to make in order to reach your goals helps a lot. Stay focus and more importantly, stay positive. It will get hard and it is easy to dwell in the negatives and obstacles. Remember, if it’s easy, everyone would be doing it. Take action every day towards your goals, remind yourself why you started and keep the momentum going. 

  •  Make Plans

Planning for the next day, the next week and the next month, what it is you’re going to do, and how the steps you’re going to make will help you to reach your goals. Writing your plans down will keep you on track and keep you ahead of the game.

Exercising good habits and making small positive changes every day makes a difference not long term, many people get discouraged over time with a long term goal, without realizing that every day they are making progress. Be proud of every positive change and habit you create on a daily basis.