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Trying to lose weight on a keto diet? In my opinion a more balanced diet with a moderate amount of carbs is ideal on a weight loss program! Why? Because it’s more sustainable… I see two things happening when people follow a restricted diet/fad diet:

They end up gaining weight because they’re still at a caloric surplus (this can easily happen with the keto diet because of the amount of fat intake people can over consume) 


They end up losing some weight, but then plateau and are unable to sustain that lifestyle…so once they go back to their old eating habits they gain the weight back… or worse, they gain back more! I’ve heard of people completely restricting themselves from foods they love for so long, and have seen little results from doing so that they have ended up getting frustrated, went back to their old eating habits and since they’ve been restricted themselves for so long, instead of enjoying just a slice of pizza, they’ve binged on the whole box! The importance of a sustainable diet allows you to create habits and changes that you can stick long term, still enjoying foods you love regularly and they also might not necessarily be considered ‘diet foods’.

Back to keto! …

The weight loss you see initially from eating low carb meals is mainly water loss. When carbs are restricted, glycogen stores in your muscles also lower since glycogen requires water to be stored. For every gram of glycogen we ingest from eating carbohydrates we store about 3g of water with it! It just means that being on a low carb diet is not magical – it should be a means of reducing your total calories but if you’re not aware of how much food you’re consuming, you might not be achieving the results you want (depending on your goals)

In this pic, there’s a plate with 1 oz of almonds equal to 164kcals and 14g of fat > beside it there are 10 almonds and 1cup of popcorn and 109kcals and 7g of fat! 

Second and third pic show similar ideas, a keto meal can shoot up to 589kcals per dish 

  • 4 slices Bacon 

  • 2 oz Avocado 

  • 2 eggs 

  • Cooked in 1 tbsp coconut oil 

  • Handful of Walnuts 

When these foods are eaten in moderation along with carbohydrates the calories only add up to 373kcals 

  • 1 slice cinnamon raisin bread

  • 1 oz avocado 

  • 1 egg

  • 2 slices bacon

  • cooked with 1 tsp coconut oil 

  • 1/2 cup strawberries

We’ll always promote that a diet with a mix of carbs, protein and fats can give you the energy you need to fuel your workout, recover from your workout, keep you more satiated and will allow you to be adhere to it long term! As long as you’re in a caloric deficit you can achieve weight loss results!

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