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We’ve been noticing a growing trend with the ketogenic diet and especially keto coffee. 

Keto Coffee is a combination of coffee and butter and/or coconut oil with no sugar.

Supposedly it helps energize you, improve brain function and assists with weight loss.

Nutrition Facts for a typical keto coffee is 230 calories and 25g of fat. Some nutritionists claim this is a great afternoon pick me up as it helps to increase mental focus and suppress appetite, which to us sounds great especially if you’re energy has slumped mid-afternoon.

What we weren’t too excited about what were the calories in this coffee, they’re pretty high and so is the fat content. This can make your daily caloric intake go up pretty high and quickly too! 

So if you’re watching your caloric intake and have weight loss goals-  be sure to make sure it fits your macronutrient goals and is suitable for the results you want!

Many people enjoy this recipe as part of a low carb diet… whether its for weight loss results or it just makes them feel great.

If you’re currently following a low carb in an effort to lose weight but haven’t seen results you want, you’re most likely over shooting your daily caloric intake and if you’re working out as well your nutrition most likely doesn’t match your workout program. 

Any diet will work for weight loss as long as you are in a caloric deficit and it’s something you can stick to! The more sustainable it is, the better. If you can create healthy habits and follow a diet that will stick with you long term, the more long term your weight loss will be and maintaining it will be easier as well!

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