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We love the crunch and texture and over the years have experimented with lots of different kind of nuts and have included them in a lot of our recipes! I always knew they were healthy but before I really got into nutrition and competing, I used to eat them way more freely than I do now… meaning I would just grab a handful and snack away.

How many of you do the same?? Just grab a handful without measuring the serving size?
Nuts are definitely superfoods and have a lot of nutritional value including a high fiber content which will satiate you better, and keep you fuller longer.. They also contain healthy fats that are good for your heart. 

Like walnuts for example are known to have Omega 3’s which are amazing for reducing Inflammation. 

So yes these nuts are super nutritious BUT also super caloric when they’re not eaten in moderation, making your daily caloric intake go up really quickly. 

Depending on your fitness and macronutrient goals, these healthy fats can help but as long as the serving size suits your needs. 

Here are a list of nuts, their serving size and nutritional information:

And yes they are some of our favorites!
Walnuts 14g
100 calories 
15g fat 
2.5g protein 
2g carbs
Cashews 14g
86 calories 
7g fat 
2.7g protein 
4.3g carbs
Brazil Nuts 14g
85 calories 
7.4g fat 
3.7g protein 
2.6g carbs
Almonds 14g
85 calories 
7.1g fat 
3.1g carbs
Peanuts 14g
80 calories 
4g protein 
6.5g fat 
3g carbs
We add nuts to our diet every day at least once either in the form of a nut butter or as a salad topper!