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Have you ever weighed yourself after a sweat session in the sauna or after basking in the sun for a day? Have you noticed that your weight went down a couple pounds, maybe even 2-5 lbs?

This was caused by sweating and getting rid of water and sodium retention in your body. Using an abdominal sweat band will do the same for you! It will help you sweat more because of the increased heat around your midsection and help to get rid of excess water creating a tighter appearance. Unfortunately this is only temporary and doesn’t help to actually “melt fat” especially if you follow that with an unhealthy diet and eat high sodium foods. The good news is that if you ARE sweating a lot during your workout, your intensity is most likely moderate to high which means you’re working out hard! And also burning off tons of calories for fat loss.

The stomach can be a stubborn area to lose fat,

we wish we could spot-reduce fat, but the best

belly fat burning combination is a weekly weight training routine followed by cardio and a healthy balanced diet.