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One of your goals is to lose weight so you started a new workout program, and have been going to the gym regularly -let’s say at least 3-5 days out of the week. After a month of putting in consistent work at the gym, you weighed yourself and the scale told you that you were a couple pounds HEAVIER than when you started?! 

I know, its not fair… but this is completely normal (unless there are other factors holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals which I’ll talk about later).

Stay motivated because you’re still headed in a positive direction, all you have to do is be patient and consistent in the work that you put in. 

When weight training your body and muscles in particular will experience some changes…Many of you have already experienced muscle soreness after working out, but a hard workout will also cause temporary inflammation and stress on your muscle fibers which causes small micro tears. Our body’s natural healing response is to retain fluid around that micro tear to try and heal it. 

Long term weight training will help you build lean muscle and eventually help you burn fat at a faster rate even when you’re not working out- your metabolism will be more efficient at burning calories. 

Keep putting in that hard work that you do, not only to reach your weight loss goals but also so that your body will love you, exercising just makes you feel good, when we put this idea into perspective more often our motivation may become greater.