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We recommend 25-30g of protein for every meal!

But the number can vary depending on your current lifestyle, health and goals. 

A healthy intake of protein per day is at least 0.8g per kg of body weight. 

So if you weight 120lbs that means you need at least 96g of protein per day. 

If you’re working out and your goals are to build lean muscle and burn fat, a healthy intake of protein would be at least 1g per pound of body weight.

So if you weight 120lbs that means you need at least 120g of protein, not only to hit the goals you want – but getting the right amount of protein for your body weight and workout intensity will help fight fatigue, increase your strength, build up your immune system and help prevent the breakdown of hard earned muscle in the gym!

When we don’t eat enough of the right foods our metabolism slows down, and increases our chance of putting on unwanted body fat!

Our favorite choices of protein: 


Cottage Cheese



Whey Protein

Our favorite vegan choices of protein are:






Sample Meal:

Breakfast: Oats, Eggs, and Berries

Lunch: Chicken Breast, Quinoa, Broccoli 

Post Workout: 1 scoop Whey Protein mixed with Water 

Dinner: Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, and Asparagus 

Snack: Cottage Cheese and Nuts