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When I became a new member of my first local commercial gym, even before I decided the join the fitness industry I knew right away that working out regularly would become a habit. I used to do what a lot of people who share the same passion for fitness did – research about the latest equipment, workout routines, ways to do” tummy tightening” exercises, etc. I bought books to read up on exercises and how to execute them properly – with the right form and technique.

At that time I worked out in the gym with the knowledge I had, I did what I enjoyed, and what gave me a sense of accomplishment at the end, although I didn’t have as much knowledge on the advantages and the results from following a periodized workout program until I studied to become a personal trainer. And it wasn’t until then when I really started to  understand the value of getting assistance from an experienced fitness professional especially being exposed to different styles of weight training. Besides providing long term fitness results and adding quality to your lifestyle, below are some other benefits of training at a Boutique Fitness Studio:

Individualized Attention and personalized programs

This allows the clients to continue to see progress in their fitness level over time. All clients have a structured program developed to meet goals and deadlines which changes and progresses as the client changes as progresses. Changes usually incur every 1-2 months depending on goals and workout results.

Flexibility and Affordability

Gyms typically prefer a membership commitment of one year and charge extra for personal trainer packages, whereas fitness studios allow more flexibility in payments and no binding contracts.


Sessions with a personal trainer are booked well in advance at a personal training studio. This adds accountability for the client and allows for some flexibility in scheduling as well. Clients are less likely to skip their appointment when sessions are scheduled way in advance –allowing clients to continue to see progress towards their fitness related goals.

Nutrition Goals

Most fitness professionals at a studio will take the time to learn about your diet and lifestyle and help with a nutrition plan to complement your workout routine so that way clients may see results faster.

Intimacy and Privacy

Fitness Studios provide an intimate feeling from the moment clients walk in the door. Most studios have smaller spaces that are fully well equipped with the latest exercise equipment and trainers knowledgeable in the latest fitness trends. Studios also aren’t overwhelming with crowds of people watching them or waiting for them to finish using their exercise machine. Clients at a studio have the option of training privately – without the intimidation of having other people watch them. They may choose the type of music they wish to listen to and also workout at a temperature setting they prefer.