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Exercise professionals help individuals meet personal, fitness and health related goals. Having a trainer can provide certain benefits and advantages that are hard to find when working out alone or in a large group.

These are some of my top points! Check them out:

Motivation and Confidence

·        A personal trainer is personable and builds a level of trust and respect with their clients. They can help push the individual to their limits and encourage them to stay committed.

Prevention of Injury

·        Incorrect weight training technique can build unhealthy habits and lead to a variety of injuries and sprains that could hinder fitness efforts. Trainers teach participants how to execute an exercise with proper form and technique and how to safely and efficiently use weight training machines and cardio programs.

·        Trainers may provide emergency care when needed (CPR, Emergency First Aid, AED, EMS)

Promote Overall Wellness

·        Individuals are encouraged to use physical activity as a method of enhancing physical health and reducing stress and also to pursue a balanced lifestyle.

 Provide Education on Nutrition

·        Weight loss, muscle gain, aerobic conditioning, and overall health all depend on proper nutrition.

·        Providing clients with advice about the fuel that is being consumed to produce the energy that is needed for their workouts.

·        Use Canada’s Food Guide to assist in helping individuals make the right diet choices.

·        Updates on the latest trends in health including pros and cons of the use of supplements and their advantages.

Goal Setting and Progression

·        The individual just has to show up, workout, and follow the nutrition guidelines the trainer has set out. A trainer will develop a workout program with a series of weight training and aerobic exercises that are based on the individual’s goals and keep track of their progression.


·        Individuals will be more conscious of how they train and what they eat when they are not training with their trainers. They may be asked to keep track of their diet and workouts throughout the week, so that continual progress can be measured and changes can be made to the routines to benefit the individual and so that they can keep progressing.

Credentials and Education

·        A personal trainer is knowledgeable and educated in the fitness and health industry with a certification from a reputable organization – and always up to date with the latest trends in fitness.

Personal Trainers practice what they preach, putting in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the results they have seen in themselves, which is why they are so effective at helping others achieve the same goals.