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A month and a half of non-stop work was put into the progression of my new personal training studio on Bur Oak and 16th avenue.

With the help of many people my ideas turned into a reality.

Just like expecting to see results from a new workout program, building the inside of the studio took time, and a few times I had unexpected delays,  so I had to be patient and take it day by day, and constantly remind myself nothing happens magically overnight.  I was eager every day to see how the studio was transforming into a better space for me and for potential clients.

Dolores Trentadue is a good friend and super helpful Real Estate Agent. She recommended me to the area, and I fell  In love with the space and the community around me immediately; there’s even a bus stop right in front of the studio with ample parking along the street making it convenient for clients.

Nick Trentadue painted the studio – he gave me great suggestions and design options, as I was skeptical of adding a dark color in small room but once it was done I absolutely loved it.  

A lot of equipment was brought in from the Treadmill Factory, Landmark Athletics, Ikea, and Walmart. My boyfriend Andy and I assembled most of the equipment with the help of my dad – Setting up the equipment and the rubber floor turned into full day workouts, (which never stopped me from skipping my own workouts).

 I couldn’t be happier with the transformation.