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We are excited to open our doors and welcome you back! 

As we resume our personal training services, our priority is the health of our clients.  We would like to share some of the measures we’ve put in place to ensure your comfort and trust that we are creating an environment that’s safe for everyone.

To stop the spread of germs and protect the health of our community we advise our clients to:

  • Please knock on the door first when you arrive for your workout before coming in and allow any individuals to come out first.
  • Maintain a distance of 2 feet between yourself and others.
  • Wash your hands before and after every workout.
  • Cover cuts, blisters, or open wounds.
  • Disinfect personal items like water bottles, gym bags, phones, gloves, towels, etc…
  • Wear masks and workout gloves during the workout.
  • Please stay home if you are sick or if you’ve been around anyone that was sick or has contracted Coronavirus.

At Lux Fit we will disinfect all sweat or other fluids immediately after every workout and we will sanitize equipment used after each client.

The use of showers will be restricted for the time being.

We will be wearing masks to protect everyone and make this a safe environment for all.


How I Made My Waist Smaller!

How I Made My Waist Smaller!

  The first picture was taken when I was 22 years old! (I'm 34 now) and looking at the progress i've made by comparing the pictures i've taken over the years, i'm so happy i've found a passion for bodybuilding and weight...

Reasons why you’re not losing weight

Reasons why you’re not losing weight

So you haven't had a bite of pizza, glass of wine or even a single cookie in what seems like forever, and still... the scale doesn't seem to budge? There could be a few explanations to this: You're not sleeping enough - being sleep deprived can make us feel hungrier...

No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym? No Problem!

Try this home workout - no equipment needed! Make sure you're properly hydrated during the exercises.  15x Pushups 15x Jump Squats (or weighted squats) 15x Superman 15x Jump Lunges (per each leg) or weighted stationary lunges 20x Box Planks 20x Bicycles  15x  Burpees ...

Meet the Lux Fit team


We’re certified personal trainers who have a passion for fitness and living a healthier lifestyle and we hope to inspire others to better their lifestyle as well. We live the lifestyle and practice what we preach. We also understand that there isn’t a “one fits all” approach when it comes to preparing programs for our clients and members.

Hours of Operation

6am - 9pm


9am - 5pm

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